VCs Connection

Crypbooster Team have large network of VCs including all global VCs and angel investors. Even if you are bootstrapped, it doesn’t mean you can’t have it all. We are closely connected with 200+ VCs to provide investment to projects.

Pitch Deck creation and Review

Sending Projects to related VCs Partners through our Official Sources.

Pitch and Negotiation with VCs

Closing of Deals

How Crypbooster can help in your Fundraising?

1. We start with a review phase where an internal team will review the material ( pitch deck, business plan, and financial operating model) from your startup.

In parallel, we will be doing the pilot project where we will be presenting your startup to a close circle of angel investors and get their feedback.

This phase is two weeks and we provide a detailed pdf report about the suggestions we have.

In some cases, we also send suggestions on how to update the design material.

2. Our Connection is mostly through Telegram so we receive fast responses from Investors.

3. We work with you on planning to raise money. We divide the amount needed into multiple rounds and prepare multiple paths to raise the money. We focus on valuation, the probability of raising money, lowering the risks involved, and ensuring that minimum equity is given away.

4. We use warm introduction when we reach out to angel investors and VCs; we always contact angel investors through a shared contact.

5. We set up a team to do the warm introduction, review your material, send you investors feedback on the materials, and prepare a palm to help you raise money.

Our VCs Partners

Let’s Work Together and Kickstart Your Success !